It's a gift card.

Burgatory Gift Cards

Give the gift you hope they share!

Price: It’s up to you, Sport.

Shipping: All gift cards are shipped via USPS at no charge.

(Sorry, Burgatory Gift Cards cannot be sent electronically or used at our CEC & Heinz Field Burger + Shake Stands)

It's a hat.

Burgatory Lids

One size fits all.

You got to cover your dome, son.

Price: $18.95/each

Shipping: $5/hat


Shake Shirt

Burgatory Women’s Scoop-Neck



Here’s a flattering T-shirt as individual as our burgers. But you have to supply the toppings yourself. Natural print on black T.

Price: $18.95/each

Shipping: $5/shirt


Burger Shirt

Burgatory Unisex T-Shirts


No shirt, no shoes, no service. We’ve got you covered with the shirt and service parts. Natural print on black T.

Price: $18.95/each

Shipping: $5/shirt

More colors and styles of shirts are available at the restaurant.

It's a pint glass.

Burgatory Pint Glasses

Hanging out at home? Lift a glass and pretend you’re at Burgatory.

Price: $15.00/set of 4

Shipping: $5/set